Business Requirements Report

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Bazaar Arts Ceramics
Technical Requirements Report

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Ian Saunders

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Executive Summary

This purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the business and user requirements for the Bazaar Ceramics website.

Bazaar Ceramics has been operating for 20 years and have grown to a point where they need to reach a wider audience in both a sales aspect and an advertising one.

The website will provide an avenue for exposure to the international world for advertising purposes and also allow for the sale of items over the internet through an online store.

Advertising costs have risen in recent times and is becoming an expensive way to promote their
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Project Background

Bazaar Ceramics They have tried advertising in top ceramics magazines with some initial success at a significant cost. This has now been deemed a very expensive way to advertise and the proposal to create a website to serve in its place, has risen directly from this.

The added benefit of being able to take orders online for many of their account customers will provide a more streamlined process overall and will also aid in cost cutting internally.

Problem/Opportunity Statement

Bazaar Ceramics would like to develop a website that enables new and existing customers to purchase products online. The website itself will also serve as an advertising platform, opening up more opportunities online and also reduce the advertising costs currently being incurred through advertising in magazines and journals.

The overall aim of the project will be to create an online presence to showcase their products. The website will reduce advertising costs and also streamline the ordering process.

Functional Requirements

|Mandatory Functional Requirements |
|Automatically email the producer* of the product when an item is sold |
|Provide account
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