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Business Research Ethics Danielle Dunnivant RES/351 March 30, 2014 Harold Graff Case of Unethical Behavior in Pharmacy One of the most trusted health professional roles is that of a pharmacist. Unique to their profession they are faced with an array of ethical challenges. A Pharmacist is like a gatekeeper to drugs which give and take life. It is known of some pharmacies to even put their customers health and their well-being above any profits the pharmacy could make. However, there are some that do not, and when this occurs, and profits are all that’s seen, the results can become tragic. The New York Times reported…show more content…
These conversations include such topics as dietary supplements, herbs, and homeopathic products. This unethical behavior can be avoided by when pharmacist in America discourage inappropriate practices and purchasing inappropriate products? Do you think that will ever happen? I believe that it can pharmacist are expected to be professional and knowledgeable about the drugs they are dispensing. They are to dispense them in a responsible and ethical manner. I realize that their income also depends on the sale of their products. However it is still ethical to attempt to protect their customer’s from wasting their money on products that do not or will not work for them. This unethical behavior has given pharmacist a bad name in many instances. Hopefully we will continue to see more honest pharmacist operating in America. References New York Times “Toxic Pharmacist 2002 Kessler, DA, (March 3, 1998) Stephen Barrett FFDA (Public Health Advisory, January 16, 2008) Bouts, BA, (November 25, 2005) [pic] CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY
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