Business Research Methodology - How to Write Research Purpose, Objectives and Summary

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ASSIGNMENT - Business Research Methodology How to write Research Purpose, Objectives and Summary Syed Qasim MBA Question No. 1 State research purpose, objectives and summarize each article with reference (i.e. literature review format). Case Study No-1 Human Resource Management Practices: A Case Study of the Supply Chain Department of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Reseach Purpose : The purpose of this study is to ensure that at all times the business is correctly staffed by the right number of people with the skills relevant to the business needs. Objective To analyze the HRM practices of an organization with a view to unlock the talent, experience, wisdom and common sense of the staff within the organization by…show more content…
Summary 1. Organization commitment can be defined as affiliation of employees to the organization and involvement in it. Emotional attachment to the objectives and values of an organization is commitment Buchanan (1974). Organizational commitment is “the aggregate internalized normative demands to perform in a manner which meets organizational objectives and interests” (Wiener, 1982). In view of the literature available we can say that for university teachers, organizational commitment can be considered as their belief in and acceptance of the university goals and values, their desire to remain part of universities and act in way that is beneficent for universities. Herzberg theorized job satisfaction as a function of motivators that gives job satisfaction and hygiene which results in job dissatisfaction. Job satisfaction as an emotional situation related to the positive or negative judgment of job experiences Locke (1969). The classic study of school teachers by Dan Lortie (1975) emphasized that there are three types of rewards which teachers seek in their careers: extrinsic, ancillary, and psychic/intrinsic. An extrinsic reward in this context means money income, prestige, and power. Weiss and Cropanzano (1996, Thoms, Dose, and Scott, 2002), argued that “job satisfaction is personal assessment of individual for his/her job and work context. Teacher job satisfaction is determined by the degree to which the individual perceives

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