Business Research Methods ( Bmo6630 ) Assessment

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Business Research Methods (BMO6630) Assessment 1
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Leadership is an attempt to influence the people around the leader and try to direct them to accomplish the desired goal. The leadership skills contain influence people to reach their goal which is finally benefiting the organization to achieve its goals. In addition to, it contains the ability to influence and motivate in order to reach goals. Leadership skills exist within each individual that can be shown at the time of external events or the individual can learn it through training. The importance of leadership summaries as a source of the interaction between employees and the organization and its future plans. Also, it is a tool used in order to unite efforts to achieve the goals. One of the benefits of leadership is eliminating labor problems and develops and motivates individuals. The leadership is defined as making accurate decisions in urgent situations. (1) Common themes across the four articles:
Strong and successful companies need a strong and successful leader. Leadership is defined as the access to the target with the best means and the lowest cost within the limits of resources and facilities available with the proper use of resources and facilities. It is known as a social interaction, because it is possible for anyone to be a leader without acting leadership with individuals in certain situation. Paul J.H.…

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