Business Research Methods

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Business Research Methods Define the distinctions between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in a secondary search A primary source is one that is original. An example of a primary source is the recently published results of a new study. Primary sources are the work of the only the author. When using a primary source, it is usually contemporary with the research being examined. A primary source is without interpretation. Examples of secondary sources would include newspaper articles, newscasts, or encyclopedias. Secondary sources are considered one step removed from primary sources. The can contain opinions. When researching a topic in a bibliography or index it represents a secondary source. Using this secondary source can…show more content…
The quantitative approach often looks at larger groups than the qualitative method and gets a good idea of the major trends among a large sample size. Quantitative research is an effect approach when it is used correctly. People generally put a lot of faith in quantitative research. One of the crucial items when using quantitative data is to decide on what sample size to use and if the sample reflects the population you wish to examine. Senior executives might feel more comfortable relying on quantitative data because it is strictly facts, without interpretation. * * How might a qualitative research company lessen the senior-level executive 's skepticism? * In the readings for this course a scenario is described asking the participants of a group to imagine something. As a result of the ideas of the focus group, a new perception for a movie was conceived. Sometimes what researchers need for the research are ideas from outside the box of preconceived notions. The qualitative approach to research can be very effective when done correctly. It takes time and effort to accurately set up, carry out, and analyze quantitative research. The problem begins when people skew the way in which they either collect or analyze data to benefit their own cause. A researcher needs to remember two things when looking at data. First, they need to determine how
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