Business Research Methods

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Subject: Common problems, issues and constraints faced by business researchers during the Research Process
Business research involves the systematic and objective process of gathering data and transforming it into useful information. The research process is not confined around a single universal methodology. Infact it differs from one research study to another depending on the purpose of the research, the industry/ sector of the client company concerned, the research method/ tools used etc. As the research process differs, researcher faces different problems and issues pertaining to the research at almost every stage of the research process.

It is important to note that the research problems
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As mentioned earlier, the researcheer needs to make sure that the research expenditure does not exceed the agreed budget between the researcher and the client. Whereas, large organizations persistantly require additional elements to include in the study. This increases the scope of the study and requires more resources increasing the cost and time invested in the study.

Case Analysis As An Example:
Mentioned below is an interesting case of GSAA (Great Scott Arts Association ) which is a very good example to analyze the problems and constraints faced by the researcher in a new research project.

Background of the Case:
The GSAA was established in 1991 to assist several existing cultural groups in Mosquito Falls and to promote and coordinate arts activities in the area. Mosquito Falls is a town of 7500 people about 30 miles north of Saint Marvin, on the Highway. To date GSAA is a non profit organisation, tax exempted with a board of directors but no staff or office space.
The Task to be accomplised were:
a. Continue development of Association and Plan for its future
b. Implement a general membership structure and campaign.
c. Design a GSAA newsletter and publish the first issues.
d. Identify possible funding sources, gather guidelines from possible funders and determine what will most likely gauge their interest.

The above mentioned tasks provide the framework to develop the research objectives. The purpose of the research is to:
a. Determine the
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