Essay on Business Research Methods, Part Ii

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Running Head: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS, PART II Business Research Methods, Part II University of Phoenix QNT/HC561: Applied Business in Research & Statistics in Health Care Group ID: MBAY0ZATZ9 Erik Kirk, PhD August 22, 2011 Introduction Recently, Learning Team “A” was tasked with developing a research question arising from an organizational dilemma faced by the Physical Therapy Clinic. As a result of preliminary research analysis, the team determined constraints in clinical practice were having a negative impact on the therapist’s ability to fully meet patient needs. A proposal was submitted to organizational leadership that included recommendations to utilize a standard six-step research question hierarchy process. The…show more content…
Patient was injured at work loading crates. Patient was reinjured knee falling on ice while shoveling snow. Mechanism of injury, patient reports decrease in mobility. Patient was injured during high school soccer game. 3) Has there been prior therapy for same condition? o Yes  No  Yes o No o Yes  No 4) What does patient states overall health is currently? o Poor  Good o Excellent  Poor o Good o Excellent o Poor o Good  Excellent 5) What is the patient’s social history/living environment? Lives with his wife and three children Widow and lives alone. Lives at home with parents. 6) What is the patient’s prior level of function? Works out occasionally Has no time to exercise. Trains daily with team during season and works out regularly during off season. 7) What is the patient’s current functional level? Have no limitations. Advance onset of arthritis present in both knees. Have no limitations. 8) Is the physical therapy clinic a provider within the patient’s insurance plan and will the therapy be covered? PPO plan that covers up to $1000 for physical therapy, however he also will be getting workers compensation. Medicare supplemental, with a doctor’s order medicare covers physical therapy and the supplemental insurance will cover the co-payments. PPO plan that covers up to $1000 for physical therapy 12) Did the patient have a doctor’s referral for the physical therapy? o Yes  No  Yes o No o No  Yes

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