Business Research Methods Part Iii Essay

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Business Research Methods Part III
University of Phoenix

July 28, 2010

Business Research Methods Part III

A survey was conducted to determine whether or not Starbucks should introduce lunch and dinner foods to the menu. Three thousand individuals were surveyed at various retail locations and malls. A series of 11 questions regarding the likes and dislikes of current food and beverage choices as well as possible future lunch and dinner options revealed several findings for Starbucks. Starbucks has decided to analyze the data as follows. If, 60% of the individuals answered Agree or above on a question Starbucks would accept. Furthermore, if seven of the eleven questions received 60% in the Agree or above column, the
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The population of consumers surveyed showed favorable responses to the idea of launching a new product line of lunch and dinner foods. Starbucks will continue to analyze the data further to determine the best strategic plan for the launch. Furthermore, additional research will classify these findings in order of power and will solidify the decision.
Potential Challanges
Several potential challenges exist to the validity and reliability of the research questions, data and analysis. After looking at the survey and the data collected, some concerns are apparent to the validity of the information. This survey conducted used two methods. The first method was an online survey. The second survey method was a face-to-face questionnaire. The face-to-face survey was conducted in struggling retail locations and vicinity. Shopping Malls and heavy populated areas were the locations chosen for this survey. One major concern is that the participants used were not necessarily current Starbucks customers. The purpose for this was to increase and promote Starbucks to non-customers. Questions regarding the current Starbucks menu and ambiance does not solicit a true response if the individual surveyed is not a customer. Furthermore, competition coffee retailers are also a large concern. Surveying a
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