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I heard the news that the President of Sparklin Automotive Company has decided to go off my recommendation and adopt the Balanced Scorecard, which I believe he adopted it to improved the performance of the employees as well as the company itself here at Sparklin Automotive Company. The President of Sparklin Automotive Company took the time out and sent me an email informing me "We at Sparklin Automotive Company have decided to adopt the Balanced Scorecard".
The email also had some other information in it as well. The President of Sparklin Automotive Company also wants to try to base compensation off of or with the performance measures, those performance measures falls into four categories, which are financial perspective, customer
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Even though I can not speak for the company, it is my belief and educated guess that Sparklin Automotive Company's ultimate goal would more than likely be characterized by the performance measure within the area of its financial objectives. Simply put, a bigger return on its investment or the net operating income at the end of the year would prove that the "Balanced Scorecard" of Sparklin Automotive Company a success. Another thing that must be considered is, if Sparklin Automotive Company intends on integrating a system of compensation based off the "Balanced Scorecard Performance Measures", the other levels will need to be in there as well. Management would need to create the compensation system involving customer support perspective, internal process perspective, and learning and growth perspective to ensure all levels of employees are engaged as well as challenged to perform at their highest level possible. "Reasonable, measurable goals and incentive for performance should be the basis of compensation for every employee" at Sparklin Automotive Company, no matter what their position in the company is (12manage, 2009).
When you develop a system of compensation, you must ensure that the compensation system is fair for all employees at Sparklin Automotive Company, because you want to ensure by doing this that you are doing

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