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Business Research Method RES/320 Business Research Methods Chapter 7: 2. How do data from qualitative research differ from data in quantitative research? The difference in data from qualitative research and data from quantitative research is found in their root words, quality and quantity. Qualitative research data is the opinions of a certain group. This research also captures the why, would, and how the target audience react to certain issues, situations, and/or products. The data is really useful and in-depth and used primarily by focus groups and interviews. Quantitative research data is truly about numbers, statistics. Therefore, the researchers have to make an effort to contact as…show more content…
Through observation, the data is collected at the exact moment it happens. Observation is less biasing on one’s behavior rather questioning. There are disadvantages of observation as well. The observer must be where the event will take place in order to observe. This action at times is hard to predict. Observation is also slow, experience, and time consuming. When observing for the purpose of data collection, observation is difficult as it relates to one’s intentions attitude, opinion, or preference. The circumstance under which a case can be made for observation is as follows: A parent is interested in observing his or her child in school or in class. On the day the parent is in the class, the child may not demonstrated the said unacceptable behavior in front of the parent. Therefore, the child not demonstrating the behavior causes the parent to schedule a return visit to the classroom. The additional day or days the parent is at the school or in the class are days they are not at work. When the parent is not at work there is room for a domino effect of things occurring, like the parent not getting paid for not working. Chapter 8: 2. What ethical risks are involved in observation? In the use of unobtrusive measures? Observers use concealment to shield themselves from the object of their observation. Hidden observation is a form of spying and the propriety of this

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