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Learning Log - Activity 3.7 The purpose of the study for learning log –Activity 3.7 was conducting a literature search for suitable papers on stakeholder theory. During the study I used common rules for searching literature: * scoping (and context) (Collins and Hussey, 2008); for scoping I usually looking for a last ten-five years literature * key word(s) searching in present I used words such as ‘Globalization”, “Sustainability, etc. * refining the search on stakeholder theory. I selected articles from journals in ABS (Association of Business Schools) list rated level “3” and “4” only. (ABS,2012) During this log I passed some stages: * search literature on the stakeholder theory * review the literature *…show more content…
human rights, global warming, and deforestation), democratic deliberations is the acceptable and legitimizing means. Author presents findings via analysis of case studies Shin tech and Shell. Table 3: Article two information For my third search I considered the increasing importance of sustainability in today’s business practice. Notwithstanding the multidisciplinary approaches in addressing the sustainability issues, my earlier encounter with the subject came during my legal practice. Bell (2009) and Gould & Lewis (2009) also offered insights on environmental justice and sociology. Here, I was particularly interested on the responsibility of business management, after taking into account political and economic implications and environmental ethics associated with sustainability. I proceeded with the following (See Table 4 below) Table 4Search N | Search Terms | Search Options | Actions | S4 | TX stakeholder theory AND TX sustainable development AND TX Environmental responsibility AND TX environmental aspects | Full Text; References Available; Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals; Published Date from: 20080101-20131231 | View Results (71) | From the result list I chose the article ranked number one. After skim reading I selected Article three, and reflected on real situation and problems it presented.(Table 5) Table 5: Article three information I was interested in this article because the author provided a

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