Business Research Process: Personal Onsite Interviews

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Business Research Process: Personal, Onsite Interviews Introduction Of the many approaches and techniques there are for capturing insightful, useful information from respondents, personal interviews are one of the most effective for capturing open-ended responses. Where the research objective is one of exploring what the determinants are of a specific research subject or topic, personal interviews are invaluable in discerning not just meaning but intonation and as well. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate this business research process. Evaluating Personal, Onsite Interviews as a Research Process Best practices in selecting a given business research process needs to be based the overarching objectives, hypotheses and design of the research study, the cultural fit and proximity of respondents, and suitability of personal interviews as a research strategy. All of these factors taken together form the foundation or framework for making the research process of personal interviews highly effective in discovering insights not possible with more structured approaches (Molitor, Kravitz, To, Fink, 2001). Personal interviews make it possible to gain greater depth and breadth of insights into the areas of research most critical to a given research study. Instead of rigidly staying with a set of predefined answers for example, researchers using this specific research process can continue with questions and comments, interpreting voice intonation and direction of the
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