Business Research Project Part 3 Sampling and Data Collection Plan

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Business Research Project Part 3: Sampling and Data Collection Plan
The sampling and data collection plan serves as the skeleton of our learning team’s project. As the owners of the learning team’s company “The Clear as Mudd Drinking Water Company”, the focus of the research question and hypothesis was switched to an environmentally conscious approach to determine if that was a potential reason behind slipping profits. As a team, we reviewed each member’s individual sampling and data collection plan, noting each plans strengths and weaknesses. Team discussions of the data analysis continued and the decision was made to again change the research question and hypothesis. The elements that comprise this decision, along with the strengths and
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The idea of using the data we already have on hand to determine if the water bottling process could be a potential problem was a key strength. The data is easily available, at little to no relative cost to obtain. This will provide the answers we are looking for without having to enlist human evaluations, which would increase the cost of the survey process exponentially.
Reviewing our team’s project, there are a few areas that improvements could be made. These correct areas and subjects were covered in the reports, but as a group some of the estimations needed some adjustment.
Sample Size/Population
Cooper & Schindler (2014) has referred that using an adequate sample size from a population is critical in performing a correct analysis. In the reports analyzed for this project, the sample size is under what it should be. Limiting the sample size is more cost effective, but in doing so valuable information is left out to determine if the sample size properly represents the population. In addition, specific population targeting (i.e. age) can provide details for that group, but if too much focus is lost on what is perceived as the target population, it is likely that (at least) secondary or possible the new primary population could be overlooked.

Data Security Measures
In the current technology age, data security has never been more important. Though the learning team’s plans included security measures, there
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