Business Research : Qantas And Emirates

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University of New South Wales Marketing Research AVIA2501 – Individual Assigement Yuen HIu Yeung Dominic (3486765) 2015/4/7 Content 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. IMPACT ON QANTAS AND EMIRATES 4 2.1 ROUTING AND FLEET OF QANTAS AND EMIRATES 4 2.2 MEMBERSHIP / ALLIANCE 5 2.3 NUMBER OF PASSENGER FLYING TO AND FROM EUROPE 5 2.4 REVENUE OF QANTAS AND EMIRATES 6 2.5 QANTAS VS EMIRATES 6 3. IMPACT ON THE MARKET BETWEEN AUSTRALIA AND EUROPE 8 3.1 IMPACT ON OTHER AIRLINES (INDIRECT ROUTING) 8 3.2 IMPACT ON OTHER AIRLINES (DIRECT ROUTING) 9 3.3 VIRGIN AUSTRALIA – ETIHAD AIRWAYS 9 4. CONCLUSION 10 5. References 11 1. INTRODUCTION On April 2013, it is a milestone for Qantas airways in its history that Qantas ended their…show more content…
2. IMPACT ON QANTAS AND EMIRATES After activating the agreement with Emirates, Qantas did expand a lot on its international network. Under the agreement, Qantas and Emirates are going to coordinate their operations such as planning, scheduling and operating their capacity, etc.(ACCC, 2012) 2.1 ROUTING AND FLEET OF QANTAS AND EMIRATES In the past, Qantas had just offered 45 weekly services to Singapore and 5 one-stop service to Europe.(Flynn, 2012) For now, with the partnership, they offer 98 weekly services from 5 main cities in Australia which are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide to Dubai International Airport. Then, passenger can connect to over 40 destinations in Europe and also 86 destinations in Middle East and Africa.(Qantas, 2015a) From the right hand side, we can see the network between two countries. The first figure shows after changing to a new hub, the routing from Australia to Dubai and the following connecting routing. And the second one show after flying from Dubai to London, passengers can continue their journey to different cities in Europe. Beside of increasing the route, the fleet of Qantas has been also well organized. To enhance the flying experience for passenger, Qantas now operate a daily service from Australia to London Heathrow by using the largest passenger aircraft airbus A380. On the other hand Emirates also operate the extended ranged Boeing B777 to fly from Dubai to
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