Business Research Report On Business

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Business Studies Research Report

This research reports covers the ways in which businesses operate towards their success. It covers the four aspects of marketing, how a business will achieve quality assurance and the importance of ethical business behavior with reference to case studies.

Business Utilising Quality Management in the Operations Process
Many businesses will focus on acquiring new customers rather than pay attention to the quality of the product or service. It is important for businesses to acquire the attention of the customer, with it’s quality and innovation, as the customers carry the profits of the company.

Focus on quality
A business’ main focus should be the quality that the customer acquires from their products. Generating a positive response, meaning that customers will have a good image of the business and then are more likely to purchase from the business again.

Practical Profiling
Business should profile who their direct market target is. The best direct marketers plan to target a particular channel, they usually go for their best customers whom were acquired through that channel. By doing so, businesses can properly shift the main focus of their marketing and quality towards the targeted group.

If businesses choose to satisfy the customer over the short-time profit goals. Then it will be better for a business in the long run. This allows for businesses to focus on the overall quality of a product rather than just the money making…
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