Business Research Report : Woolworths Supermarket

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1. Executive summary
The primary purpose of this business research report is to estimate the relevant disclosure form the latest annual report 2016 regards to PPE and whether these disclosures satisfies the CF 's objective and qualitative characteristics. This report examines and assess on how the PPE fulfills the requirements of AASB 116 and the qualitative characteristics. Results shows the PPE are mainly meeting the requirement of AASB 116. However, some detailed disclosure information on PPE need to be more comprehend and I believe it will give you a final termination. 2. Introduction
Woolworths supermarket is an Australia’s supermarket and grocery store chain owned by Woolworths Limited which was founded in 1924. They operate
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This ability ultimately finds out for example, the capacity of an entity to pay its employees and suppliers.
Users are better to put a value on this ability to generate cash if they are provided with perfect information on financial position , financial performance and cash flows of an entity.
Information provided
General purpose financial statements provides information on the financial position of an entity. Thus it includes information on economic resources and claims against them.
They also include certain changes in its financial position which could be due to different factors such as financial performance or raising debt.
Due to this users of the financial statements identifies the merits and demerits of the entity, and also liquidity and solvency including financing.
Financial performance
Accrual accounting shows outcome of transactions and other events such as assets and liabilities of entity 's in such a periods in which effects occur even if cash is paid or received in a different time.
Information given by an entity 's financial performance grant users of the financial statements to assess:-
1- Management performance
2- Generating cash by an entity 's 3- Risk related with a business and how they will/could affect entity.
Cash flow management
Transactions such as Purchases and sales are recorded in the period given under accruals concept.
This doesn’t show information about when the money

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