Essay about Business Research Task: Coca-Cola Amatil

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Business Research Task: Coca-Cola Amatil Employees are the most beneficial assets that a business can have. Without staff a business, essentially, would be unable to operate. Therefore it is of vital importance to maintain a highly efficient relationship between employers and employees. This is carried out through Employment Relations. Effective and efficient employment relations in a specific organisation should be shown through; good work performance, job satisfaction amongst employees, low levels of absenteeism and low levels of staff turnover. As these goals are met so will the level of effectiveness of a business’ employment relations be determined. Coca-Cola Amatil independently manufactures own soft drinks, it is the…show more content…
There are two types of rewards; monetary and non-monetary. Monetary rewards consist of things like pay, bonuses, profit sharing, share bonus schemes and fringe benefits. Whereas non-monetary rewards include positive feedback, employee of the month awards, certificates of appreciation and promotion. Rewards systems should include the following to insure fairness to all parties; show respect for individuals, operate with procedures that are fair to everyone and to be plain and blunt about the basis of decision making. Rewards aim to motivate staff and draw high-quality employees. Wages and salaries tend to be the main monetary reward offered at CCA. But they also include offers of retirement benefits and superannuation that are over the legal minimum, this is seen as an attractive quality in potential staff. As an addition, managers are known to receive yearly bonuses, share options and fringe benefits as rewards for good performance. Non-monetary rewards given at CCA comprise of company cars, promotion, flexible work hours, holiday leave [again, above and beyond that of the minimum legal requirement, and implements that aim to keep high levels of productivity an morale in the workplace. [Business Studies HSC Course Second Edition, 2004] At CCA
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