Business Research Task : Employment Issues

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Commerce Research Task: Employment Issues

Different types of employment contracts

Awards are legal documents detailing the minimum terms and conditions of an employee’s job which involves wage rates, sick leave, holidays, overtime and other various minimum conditions. Employees are covered only by the award specific to their occupation or industry. If employees deem an award in their industry unfair, Fair Work Australia (FWA) are responsible for reviewing the award and if it is unfair, adjusting it.

Enterprise Agreements are when employers negotiate with a group of employees or union about the pay and conditions of the job. All enterprise agreements are checked by FWA to ensure that they meet the minimum conditions specified in awards.
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The NES applies to all full-time and part-time employees but only some entitlements apply to casual workers. All employment contracts such as awards and enterprise agreements must use the NES as minimum requirements and cannot provide employees with anything less than that.
Reasons for NES
National Employment Standards are fundamental as they provide safety to workers and hence should be implemented. Particularly, NES aid in preventing the exploitation of workers. Laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009 encourage fairness within workplaces and offers protection to workers. Hence, this influences the establishment of NES. Minimum entitlements such as maximum weekly hours exist to offer workers the opportunity to balance work and family responsibilities. It also prevents employers exploiting their employees by forcing them to work many unreasonable hours additional to 38 hours a week. The NES take into account an employee’s health and safety including family responsibilities. Setting maximum work hours provide safety as it prevents exhaustion of employees which can result in injuries. Hence, the 38 hours set as a maximum with the exception of a few reasonable additional hours prevents employers hindering them from a well-balanced life. Strict penalties apply if employers fail to follow the NES which decreases the risk of exploitation. If businesses were to not have a guideline to follow, many employees would be at risk of being exploited and mistreated. However
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