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Business Resources Assignment 1 P3 Physical resource human, financial, physical, and knowledge factors that provide a firm that means to perform its business processes. I chosen to use a Hotel. Physical resources What is needed and why other considerations Buildings and Facilities A building for a hotel will need facilities to hold a large amount of people at one time and will need to house them for a certain amount of time. This is needed because in order to run a good hotel and make a lot of business it must be large enough to house a lot of people therefore having a lot of costumers and in return making a lot of profit n the business. It must have rooms for each customer to stay in and each room must be tailored to how…show more content…
Another form of waste is electrical waste, one way the hotel could cut back on this ,is to have a time restriction on all TV 'S which means all of them will turn off at a certain time thus saving money on electricity and for a business saving money is key. Moreover all lights could be sensor lights which means if no one is in that are the lights will be off thus saving money and creating more revenue. Moreover another waste that can be talked about is heat waste, this can go out through walls, windows and ceilings; to prevent this is closing windows and closing doors will prevent the heating bill. All these wasted things are important because of money and because of money the business will need to reduce waste. The waste comes under categories, general waste is recycling and bins and so on and other areas are in more detail such as heat waste and electrical waste. THIS IS ALL ABOUT SAVING MONEY. Plant and Machinery The hotel has many different pieces of machinery; these include the generators for the power and running of the hotel and it also includes the lifts that take each person up to their floor. All of these need to be included because you need people on site to be trained for health and safety regulations. Moreover this may include a swimming pool as

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