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Business 4 Unit 4 [pic] Human Resources By the end of this unit you will understand: ❖ The role of the Human Resources Department ❖ The culture of an organisation ❖ Organisational structures ❖ Working practices available to employees within different types of businesses ❖ The recruitment process ❖ Contract of Employment ❖ Appraisal Part 1 – Human Resources The role of the Human Resources Department The human resources (HR) department is responsible for managing the staffing of an organisation. These responsibilities including hiring new staff (recruitment), providing staff training, carrying out staff appraisal and any other issues…show more content…
What you may not realise is that values have always been important to the Body Shop, from their respect for individuals, to their concern for the future of the planet. Go online and look at the website for the Body Shop. Are you convinced by their values or do you think it is clever marketing? Organisation Charts Different organisations will be structured in different ways. Organisation Charts show the different levels of jobs, their titles and the names of the people who work in the organisation represented in a diagram. An organisation chart may look like this: Mary Moffat is the Chief Executive and she is responsible to the Board of Directors for the day-to-day running of the organisation. There are six departments which are arranged around the functional activities of the organisation. ❖ Human Resources (HR) ❖ Operations ❖ Finance ❖ Administration/IT ❖ Marketing ❖ Research and Development (R&D) Within each department there is a director in overall charge supported by at least one functional manager. Staff below management level within each department range in number from 10-80. The total number of staff is 180. TASK 3 Fill in the organisation chart for Invite
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