Business Responsibilities, Family Obligations And Your Passion For Selling Vintage Clothing Online

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Life consists of demands that pull you in twenty different directions at once. You face work responsibilities, networking events, family obligations and your passion for selling vintage clothing online all demanding prominent space on your daily calendar. Managing it all can be overwhelming to say the least. Factor in a relationship with your significant other and your responsibility level jumps up a notch. One way to make life a little easier is to go into business with your significant other. Working together as a couple does not come without it’s own set of obstacles. It requires a different approach to a portion of life than you are use to as a couple. You need to face business responsibilities as a team and work together towards a…show more content…
Those characteristics may be one in the same or they may be complete opposites of one another. It can be tempting to combine all of those personality traits together and approach business obligations together at first. However, it is not an effective way to tackle business obligations. A more effective approach is to recognize that you each bring different attribute to the business relationship. Showcase those attributes by selecting the business responsibilities that allow you to put your strengths to work. Approaching business in this manner strengthens your unity as a business team. Preserve the Relationship Life as business partners is stressful and demanding at times. There will be moments when you want to pull your hair out and do the same to your significant other. As business owners, there is no time clock that brings your business day to an end. Work will follow you home where your coffee table becomes a conference room table and the kitchen serves as a makeshift office. These days are unavoidable when the two of you are running a business together. However, that does not mean that you can place the personal relationship on a shelf for an extensive amount of time. Pencil in some time to do the things you enjoy as a couple. Devote an afternoon to an activity or hobby that you both love. Schedule in a date night once in awhile with a rule that neither of you can talk about business. Small moments of quality time together each day nurture your business

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