Business Rio Tinto Group Uk And Human Resource Practices

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How do various country cultures impact the business Rio Tinto Group UK and human resource practice of the MNE for RIO Tinto Group UK?

Cultural Considerations
Some of the most important objectives of HRM policy is to attract and keep the best talent and to provide strategies to motivate and improve staff performance. HR Managers are faced with many different cultures and not all cultures have the same intrinsic motivations. RIO Tinto has responded by seeking to embrace workplace diversity in order to achieve their business outcomes by increasing stakeholder relationships and providing local business partnerships. This approach helps by aligning local cultures with Rio Tinto business objectives. This is a common approach of MNE companies where by using local suppliers and local businesses they are able to benefit local communities and motivate staff with programs aimed to benefit indigenous communities. An example would be the Rio Tinto Aboriginal Foundation which aims to strengthen the local economy and promote diversity. (Rio Tinto, 2004)

Some cultures are very individualistic and some are more community based. Motivating community based cultures is often more difficult as they may be a nepotistic culture and promote and reward family or friends, rather than reward employees based on performance. Human Resource departments in western countries tend to use recruitment agencies and consultants who head hunt internationally for the greatest talent. Community based…
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