Business Scenario For Tropicana Organic Juices

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With the urban population growing more health conscious day by day, there has been a sharp increase in the demand of fruit juices. Keeping this in mind, company wants to launch more products in domestic market. Tropicana is exploring the different products in its product line of fruit juices and has come up with an idea of launching a product line of organic fruit juices for Indian market. Organic food industry has been growing remarkably for past several years in India and is experiencing around 15-20% annual growth. As per CAB report, the global organic food market is expected to reach US$ 102 billion by 2020. Business Scenario for Tropicana organic Juices in India: Internal environment: Tropicana is a well-established brand in India and…show more content…
These juices will be available in two different volumes 250ml, 500ml and 1Ltr. Place: In the initial phase Tropicana organic juices will be launched in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities of India via our existing distribution channel. These will be distributed at the same outlets where other Tropicana juices are available. Vending Machine will be introduced at places where people are concerned about their health such as sport, spiritual and health places. Tropicana Major Retail Stores in India: Reliance Fresh, Big bazaar, Hyper city, More, Spencers etc. People in India are not well aware about health benefits of organic juices so the center for any kind of promotion should be to publicize the health benefits of organic juices and to associate these facts with Tropicana to create its image as essential for a healthy life. We will be using Pull strategy model for the promotion of our product because in general pull strategies work well with highly visible brands, or where there is good brand awareness. This is usually developed through advertising. Hence we will rely on promoting our product via advertisements rather than distributing free samples or giving diving discounts. Different Promotional Strategies: Assumption: Tropicana will be launching its organic juices in the month of April. Major sources of awareness regarding the product are television, websites, newspapers,

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