Business School At Washington University Essay

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Describe your interest in entrepreneurship. Please include any past experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship:

Ever since I was a young child I always wanted to create the next newest and biggest invention. For example, when I found out the creator of Jibits for crocs (those small plastic accessories that go into the holes of crocs sold her company to crocs for millions of dollars. It was such a simple idea, but also so creative and innovative. I was hooked on the idea of creating a product and starting my own company from that point forward.
While I have not had any success yet in creating my own company, I hope to in the future. This past summer I studied abroad in Israel through Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis program. This program, Israel Summer Business Academy was a six-week program focused entrepreneurship and innovation. While in Israel, we took classes from both American and Israeli professors. Within groups during the second half of the program, we created a product to pitch to the rest of the class. This pitch had to include a minimum viable product, budget decisions and adverting decisions among a multitude of things. While we were creating our own products, we visited various Israeli startup companies like or ReWalk. We also visited incubators and venture capital firms that fund various startups in Israel. Being that Israel is known as the start up capital of the world, it allowed me throughout the summer to fully

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