Business School Model Of Marketing Management

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents i
Executive Summary 2
Literature Review 3
Critical Analysis 6
Conclusion 9
References 10
Appendix 12
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Executive Summary

This report includes the strategic role, nature and significance of marketing in relation to small and new businesses. There are more than four million small business organisations all over the UK and they are contributing half of the UK’s GDP and UK’s employment. Hence, marketing for small businesses is seemed to be neglected (Department for Business Innovation and Skills, 2012). The author of this report cannot find any indication for a totally new paradigm while some extents of the standard business school model of marketing management or Kotler type approach to marketing may need some imperative reworking to make it more suitable for the majority of entrepreneurial businesses. The basic approach should be standardised as far as possible then necessary alteration. It has been assumed that in most cases the basic approach and strategy of marketing that is known as classicist philosophy of strategic marketing management is more applicable. Moreover, it can often be employed to the smaller enterprise with beneficial commercial effects. New and small entrepreneurial businesses may have to face more risks and innovation problems but these are not hard to overcome. The author has struggled to determine that the standard ‘business school’ or ‘Kotler’ type approach to…
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