Business Sector Within Advertising Marketing

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1: Introduction: ZOOPPA. (2015) explained that it was founded in 2007 near Venice (Italy). It is an entrepreneur performing in business to business sector within advertising marketing. It is the only venture in history which involves community users in creating ads for different brands all over the world. Basically, it is has 12 individuals managing and planning for its activities but more than 75,000 community users registered, who are contributing in its success and growth. Initially Zooppa started from Italy but within a very short it has been launched in U.S.A, Brazil and Europe too. Zooppa is a global social advertising network which is allowing community members and consumers of the brands to create unique and attractive ads in any…show more content…
However, Zooppa is helping brands in launching their new products or services, increasing their brand visibility, building direct relationship with their potential and loyal customers, providing a plat form to start communication about the brand, entertaining customers, increasing brand awareness and finding new potential users and consumers. Additionally, it brings an opportunity for the community users who are creative and talented, to interact and coordinate with leading brands, share their creative work, exchange their creative ideas and coordinate with other talented and creative individuals regardless their location in the world (ZOOPPA, 2015). 2: Internal marketing: Providing quality, unique and effective services to customers and clients is as important as the development and production of unique and qualitative products. In this context, the employees or workforce can be an effective and significant marketing tool for the entrepreneur. These individuals are on the front lines, adapting and integrating entrepreneur 's marketing strategies with the requirements and desires of each customer or client they interact with (Gronroos, 2011). The appearance, communication approach and behaviour represent the business. However, internal marketing has been defined as a tool
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