Business Semester At Australia Trip Report

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NOLS Semester in Australia Trip Report Australia is often viewed by the rest of the world as a rather extreme country to live in. To quote the comedy website “it has a rich and exotic ecosystem supporting fantastic flora and fauna… all of which were eaten by the monsters that live there now” and “it 's primary language is screaming.” Indeed, these jokes come about because of the many examples of dangerous wildlife that call the country home. From the dozens of species of venomous snakes and arachnids on land to the local waters littered with great white sharks, poisonous stonefish, or jellyfish the size of a thumbnail and a sting capable of inducing severe pain, vomiting, and even hallucinations. Having trouble deciding which is the worst between the land and the surrounding sea? Don 't forget about the largest terrestrial and riparian predator on the planet: the saltwater crocodile; in extreme cases reaching up to twenty-one feet in length and known for actively seeking out humans as prey, it is a beast not to be reckoned with. It can be found lurking in the rivers and billabongs as well as the coastal wetlands (it is a saltwater crocodile, after all) of Northern Australia, waiting for a tasty meal to come by. But it can also be seen on land, as well, basking in the warm, Australian sun. So we 'll just chalk that up as a tie. “Who in their right mind would ever visit this hellish land?” would be a sensible question after learning about the many animals
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