Business: Strategic Planning

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Guidelines and Notes for Assisting in Project Completion The following notes, guidance and illustration will help you in answering the first question: Target has described its Mission Statement as follows: “The mission is to make Target the preferred shopping destination for the guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling the brand promise of Expect More. Pay Less. To support the mission, Target is guided by the commitments to great value, the community, diversity and the environment. Expect More. Pay Less. Expect more of everything. More great design, more choices and more designer-created items that consumers won 't find anywhere else. And pay…show more content…
Our headquarters’ diversity business councils are a valuable resource for driving business decisions, including merchandising and marketing initiatives in key multicultural categories like food, entertainment, health and beauty. Target might have 1,750 locations throughout the country, but when you get down to it, we’re a neighborhood store—offering relevant local brands, volunteering at nearby schools, and giving grants to community nonprofits.” (Target, 2010 Annual Report). These goals are clear and compelling and action oriented. Vision, Mission and Objectives have been described as below: Vision is what and where a company wishes to be in future (Hunger & Wheelen, 2010: 20). Pearce, Robinson & Mittal (2008: 395) describes a leader’s vision as the characterization of how a leader visualizes the business to become to establish the business and sustain its global leadership. Thompson et al. (2010: 22, 23) describe a Strategic Vision of an organization as the route which it intends to take to develop and strengthen its business which also
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