Business Strategies For A Digital Business Strategy

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A digital business strategy ‘refers to how businesses apply digital technology and media to improve the competitiveness of their organisation via optimising internal processes with online and traditional channels to market and supply’. (Chaffey, 2015, p. 15). Burberry is a British luxury fashion house with headquarters in London that distributes clothing, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and newly launched makeup. (BURBERRY, 2017). Burberry has a digital business strategy that focuses upon three key areas, which are product retail, including targeting Omni-channel excellence and process, including changing the group’s ways of working. (Strategy, 2017).The company has clear digital strategy aims for not only the current year but…show more content…
Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves ‘creating and distributing valuable, relevant content attracting a clear defined group with aims of generating profitable customer action’’. (FORBES, 2014). For example, the content marketing techniques used on the Burberry website include videos of models wearing trench coats as well as fashion shows etc. This is a push marketing strategy as this is a set-up of point-of-sale displays for customers to directly buy the product at the scene of the fashion event creating more revenue with a vast amount of people. Inbound marketing techniques used by Burberry include involvement of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, which appear to be very successful as Facebook has 17,213,131 likes with majority being positive feedback. Also, Instagram has 9.3 million (instagram, 2017). They are also one of the first to use Snapchat and periscope as well as twitter and others because they use it showcase live fashion shows increasing brand awareness. This was copied by other competitors such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. (FaceBook, 2017). ‘In 2014, Burberry upgraded their mobile platforms, resulting in a tripled mobile revenue’ (UK, 2015). Also, the “From London with Love video had 9.5 million views and ranked the 4th most watched brand video in 2014’. (plc, 2017). This shows that Burberry try different methods to interact effectively with their customer base and measure

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