Business Strategies For Bmw Group

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Introduction In this report, the business strategies which BMW used in order to gain competitive advantage and a powerful presence in the market will be analysed and discussed. The influence of key factors that caused the firm’s automobile industry by using suitable strategy frameworks will also be studied. BMW Group is one of the leading car manufacturers worldwide. Their operations also include software products, financial services and motorcycles. BMW Group’s innovative business strategy is to reinforce its place within the global automobile industry market by growing sales. In order to attain this objective the company will highly invest in new technologies and automobile models whilst also evolving new areas of growth. This new…show more content…
( BMW Group must also take into account the customer’s preferences, values, income, cultural differences and other social characteristics to be successful in all types of markets. Managers have to conduct market research about customers’ preferences and expectations for BMW’s future products. Considering cultural and social differences BMW positions and prices differently its automobiles accordingly to the market. The company has established strong relationships with its customers and after-sale services, which is a significant advantage for the improvement of future activities. Each country has different cultural aspects thus it is important to consider each one and the ways in which it could affect their strategy ( An essential element for BMW’s success is the constant technological innovation and highly qualified work force. To increase its sales through innovating new models, BMW had to invest in new technologies in order to maintain competitive advantage in such a fast developing industry. The quality of the new BMW products could be affected because the quantity of cars produced will increase, making it challenging to maintain technological advances growing. ( Porter 5 Forces (Micro-environment) Suppliers: The possible pressure on BMW by its suppliers means they are very powerful
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