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Option 1: Restructuring Help Business strategies are an important part of running a company. By exploring potential options for long-term goals a firm can better plan for their future and remain competitive in their respective markets. This essay will explore the fifteen principal grand strategies and a few other business strategies in regards to how they may benefit Sacramento Business College (SBC) in its long-term success as a firm. In addition to helping SBC consider its options this essay will offer ideas for implementing the best fitting strategies for the college. Sacramento Business College Sacramento Business College (SBC) is a For-Profit College in Sacramento, California. The college operates from a single campus with three…show more content…
There are 15 principal grand strategies that are aimed at helping a business reach its long-term goals. Concentrated Growth Concentrated growth is the first strategy of the fifteen principal grand strategies, Pearce & Robinson (2015) define concentration growth as firms that direct resources to the profitable growth of a single product, in a single market, with a single dominant technology. Concentrated growth typically sees the most success in mature markets where the product market is not saturated. Concentrated growth is one of the lowest risk strategies, but only when used in a stable market because it typically does not perform well in a market with a lot of up and down movement. A volatile market could be disastrous if a company focuses in on one product and the market crashes down around it. Sacramento Business College could potentially use concentrated growth to build strength in one of their three major programs to build stronger enrollment and program upgrades. The Information Technology (IT) program would benefit the most from adopting a concentrated growth strategy because upgrading the curriculum would be fairly simple compared the other programs and would be the most profitable program to have increased enrollment in. Market Development Market development is the strategy of rebranding preexisting products, potentially with minor cosmetic changes, and targeting new markets

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