Business Strategies For Successful Marketing Strategies

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: For week nine we discussed chapter eight, the “Developing Business Strategies” PowerPoint, and got back our exams for review. Chapter eight revolves around developing marketing strategies. Some of the basic strategies for successful marketing revolve around:
• Moving quickly to satisfy customer needs.
• Using pricing to differentiate the product/service.
• Paying attention to packaging.
• Building customer loyalty.
• Offering sample and demonstrations.
• Educating customers.
Of course, there are more strategies that can be utilized by a business, but those are a few rock-solid ideas that will ensure one’s marketing plan has a strong basic foundation. When I look at my business’s approach to marketing, I see that there are some minor issues or oversights that could use further analysis and reconsideration. Namely, our online social media presence is decent, but could be much better. There’s also the fact that our packing consists of nothing more than a label around each skein and a little letter in each shipment. The boxes have no design or branding, and that’s something I could really benefit from having. Although getting custom printed boxes would increase our packaging costs, perhaps a nice middle ground would be to use an ink stamp to put my logo on the box, or maybe even a sticker.
One of the more powerful marketing tools (mentioned in my business interview paper) if our affiliate marketing system. We use a program called Refersion that allows people to sign up as…
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