Business Strategies Of Sony Corporation

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to suggest investing in Sony Corporation, one of the most recognized names in consumer electronics. “Sony was established shortly after World War Two in the form of an electronic manufacturing company” (Sony). “Around the 1990s, Sony converted itself from an electronics manufacturer to a global entertainment company establishing a leading position in music, movies and computer gaming” (Sony Corporation Japan). With various sub-divisions of the company Sony remains versatile, with each department bringing in revenue. “The divisions that make up Sony includes Sony Electronics, Mobile Communications, Computer Entertainment, Pictures Entertainment, Network Entertainment International, Music Entertainment, and Online Entertainment” (Sony). Using top business strategies, and improving product quality, assists in the persistent success of the company. These products appeal to wide range of consumers due to the global diversity present at Sony. In this paper I will be discussing these topics in depth to help support the reason why it would be beneficial to invest in Sony. Business Strategies Corporate Governance Amongst Sony Corporations’ business strategies lies corporate governance. Corporate governance retains one of the more successful management strategies. These strategies allow managers to define their roles and isolate the issues of ownership from management. As a result faster decision making occurs which allows managers to focus
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