Business Strategies of Starbucks

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I. The company that I will be working on is Starbucks. The company's business is based on coffee. The core business is in the quick service food sector, with a coffeeshop focus. QSR Magazine ranks Starbucks as the 3rd-largest firm in the US in the industry, and the largest with a coffee focus. The company also has retail and institutional businesses, marketing coffee in a variety of formats both to consumers via grocery outlets and to hotels and other institutional buyers. Starbucks earns most of its revenue in North America, but has substantial operations overseas. China is the most important growth market for the company, and it plans to concentrate efforts there in the coming years in order to maximize overall growth (, 2012). As with domestic operations, Starbucks is expanding overseas using a mix of company-owned stores and franchise operations. Forbes publishes an annual list of the most ethical companies in the world (Smyth, 2012). The list has been published six times, and Starbucks has made the list every time. The company's ethics extend both to its social ethics with respect to employees but also to environmental ethics as well. 2. One simple moral problem that Starbucks is working on is the waste it generates. As with any quick service restaurant, Starbucks generates massive amounts of waste on a daily basis, including in its packaging like paper coffee cups, and excess water used in the production of coffee and other beverages. The
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