Business Strategy 2nd assignment

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Strategic capabilities of H&M using appropriate strategy tools with the new recommended strategies for company Course: MBA Master in Business Administration Module: Business Strategy Module Code: MS70076E Student No: 21249209 F.A.O: Vladan Hadzic Word Count: 2335. Date: 16th May 2014 Content: Exclusive summary 1. Introduction 1.1. H&M Company Profile: 2. Value Chain 3. Financial Analysis 4. Culture 5. Strength and Weakness 6. TOWS Matrix and Strategies 7. Ansoff Matrix 8. Suitability 9. Feasibility 10. Acceptability 11. Conclusion. 12. Appendices 13. Bibliography. Exclusive summary: This report analysis the…show more content…
It focuses on current fashion trend composition and gives to production section which is responsible to production office. It is entrusted to buying and design department. Department is located in head office where all the idea and collection produce. H&M has team of budget controller, 160 designers, 100 patterns designer and 100 buyers who constantly working on creating and latest fashion. Fashion has very short shelf life so it is risky industry so some part of collection will not receive by customers. It’s very important to find the balance between component and business concept- fashion, quality and best price. It also collaborates with famous designers to create more value to product and brand. (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, 2013) 2.2 Production supply H&M do not own any production or manufacturing operation. Company have 22 production offices which are responsible for contract with 900 independent suppliers. It is cost effective, time saving and do what is best for company. So it is entrusted for independent suppliers and H&M crated code of conduct which allows controlling and ensuring quality of products. Production office are able to examine the sample garment as testing equipment are transferred so that it will reduce the time. So the communication between production office and supplier plays crucial role. (e.Business watch, 2011) H&M works hard on sustainability matter, including ethics and
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