Business Strategy Analysis: Innocent Drink

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Innocent Drinks Personal Report By Melinda Halasz 1 Introduction The reports objective is to give information about Innocent Drinks, company’s initial management approach, followed by a comparing analysis between Ryanair and Robert Owen. It will present how its managers added value to their resources they had in the beginning and the latest news about Innocent. 2 Methodology The report is built mainly on secondary research. Qualitative data`s sources is from the business data base such as Marketing week online and the Innocent Drinks website. The case studies which are used in this report and the competitive values frame work, they can be found in the Management An Introduction, by David Boddy, fifth edition, text book 3 Analysis…show more content…
The stress mainly falls on quality and expanding the company worldwide. Wile Rynair and Robert Owen emphasize profit and productivity having strong top leaders and bureaucracy in which people are expected to follow precisely defined rules and procedures rather than to use personal judgment. They are using the administrative management model, which is the use of institutions and orders rather than relying on personal qualities to get things done. All three companies have a common aim though making profit but using different ways. Adding Value to resources: Innocent Drinks made the most of its Tangible and non-tangible resources which are physical assets such as finance people plants, non-physical assets like knowledge and information and high competence through their skills and abilities to start a company and make it very profitable. Competing values framework: Innocent uses basically the open system model of the competing values frame work, having a set of interrelated parts which is designed to achieve a purpose, of producing high quality smoothies and growing the company, while interacting with its environment and receiving feedback from them. Further Growth: The company had an opportunity to diversify its brand in the UK or grow international especially in

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