Business Strategy And Competitive Advantage

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1) Describe your company’s business strategy and competitive advantage. Building on your initial work, choose an expatriate position you consider critical for the success of the new subsidiary, considering your company’s business strategy and competitive advantage. The description of your company, its business strategy, the location of the foreign subsidiary and the expatriate position forms the first part of your coursework.

Beni is a specialist automotive manufacture which builds vehicles for the retail market. It has one production unit located in Birmingham UK where it employs cross cultural management throughout the organisation. It employs over 250 people from different cultures and race divisions. The company builds luxury sport cars and is well known for its attention to detail and limited production cars. Although the cars are assembled in the UK many of the parts are provided by third parties and Beni is therefore reliant on third parties for its supply chain to be efficient and meet certain quality criteria’s. Beni also has a quality testing unit where all vehicles are put through before certified for delivery. The Beni strategy is to capitalise on specialist firms who have core competencies in different sections of automotive production and utilize their size/ economics of scale to Benis benefit rather than produce every component needed for the car itself at a greater cost. For this to work efficiently Beni also relies on a “Just in time” model thereby further
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