Business Strategy Case Study Walgreens

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After studying and reviewing the approach and demonstration of decisions made relating to strategy at Walgreens, I found that Walgreens is operating in 4 basic types of strategies. These include: Buying Your Way In, Gaining a Market Beachhead, Leverage Strategy, and Customer Relationship Strategy. For the purpose of focus and in-depth review I believe the Customer Relationship and Leverage Strategies are 2 areas that have just begun to take shape and are worthy of in-depth probing and analysis. This isn’t to say that the Buying Your Way In or Gaining a Market Beachhead are not formidable strategies. Walgreens has already forged the path of the Buying Your Way In strategy through their merger with Alliance Boots. This strategy is well into the implementation phase and has already begun its foothold within the organization. Gaining a Market Beachhead will evolve through the other strategies once the synergy of the merger is in full scale and the leverage strategy develops. Walgreens stands to gain in …show more content…

Porter’s Five Principles of threat of new entrants and jockeying for position amongst competitors are addressed through the Leverage Strategy. (Quick MBA. 1999-2010) Using the synergy that Walgreens has at its disposal makes new entrance threats less impactful because of the use of its size and ability to capitalize on volume with suppliers and conveniences for customers. In addition the acquisition has put Walgreens in an unprecedented position globally – a move that competitors presently can’t match. This makes jockeying for position less of a concern because they can leverage on their global

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