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Arthur Guinoiseau V5 Arthur Guinoiseau V5 I. On The Basics Final Exam a. Strategic Management, evolution and destination. Strategic Management, what is this? It is that set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of a corporation. It includes environmental scanning, strategy formulation and implementation, and evolution and control. The study of Strategic Management helps us to monitoring and evaluating the opportunities and threats of a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Organizations that implement strategic management are generally outperforming those that are not. The fact that a company…show more content…
Harley Davidson is known yet for being a good corporate citizen, according first to their own strategy, and moreover according to studies that have been made about corporate citizenship in the United States. The “Jewish Community website” made one of these studies and ranked Harley-Davidson on the 15th place; this study being made on the entire American market.3 2 www.harley-­‐ 3 4 Arthur Guinoiseau V5 Final Exam Dr. Sean D. Jasso “It has one of the most recognizable names, looks and sounds in the world, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. The machines have been described by some as the blue collar Rolex. One of the legendary company's great success stories of 2009 is happening in London, Kentucky. Wildcat Harley-Davidson is the only new Harley dealership the company is opening this year and perhaps next year as well. It's located just one-mile off of busy Interstate 75 on the Hal Rogers Parkway. Apparently a great product, great customer service and great location equal success, even in a down economy. Ever

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