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business strategy International Business Strategy 6/16/2014 Student ID: 13038597 Word Count-- 3558 Question 1 Man Won Jung, CEO of SK Telecom faces challenges of low profits since 2005 because the company is facing economic stagnation. SK Telecom has sought to expand the international market, but not dramatically. Not only has the international marketed, but the country also. SK Telecom had problems; existing competitor KT Corporation SK Telecom was before. The global financial crisis has also been one of the main challenges faced by Jung in 2008, Man Won Jung had to develop a strategy and a plan for all of these global strategic business challenges faced. Other carriers were far from SK Telecom ahead with technological…show more content…
The market share of SK Telecom was away from competitors each year. SK Telecom had to come up with a plan competition and reduce benefits. Throughout the decades SK Telecom has been a leader in the market, but recent performance has been done. The Company was down below the market share, turnover fell, and it was not a pioneer in new technologies and focuses on the same old heart of the company's business and undiversified. He was one of the m measures to bring revenue. The company remains the market leader, but the recipes below. The CEO of the company Mr. Jung had understood the international business environment; the Company had to come through the challenges of international expansion. SK Telecom remained mixed structure, but the structure of the geographical division was reinforced by the establishment of the headquarters in China to more effectively adapt to the local market. Moreover, even full business sector C & I were transplanted in China. In the process of transplantation seats and many key people who have moved to China. This can be described as SKT strengthen their power in China. This can be interpreted that centralize your organization. SKT not only established the headquarters in China, but all Korean officials also CIC. This means that very ethnocentric appropriate personnel policy. By doing this, they will be able to take advantage of the competence of the core technology and creativity SKT. And he
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