Business Strategy For A Business

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Business strategy 3
Collaboration and sharing 3
Business areas which use IT 3
Work and environment 3
Instant Connection with Customers 3
Online Stores 4
Employee Training 4
Accounting 4
The Internet 4
Time Management 5
Start-up Costs 5
Storage 6
Marketing 6
Advertising 6
Information 6
Communication 7
Efficiency 7
Competitive Advantage 8
Economic Efficiencies 8
Advantages of Technology to Business 8
Reference 9

Innovation gives an extensive variety of tools entrepreneurs can use to guide their new organizations through the start-up and development stages. Small business accounting, advertising and communication have been upset by advances in computer, network and communication innovations, and organizations in a scope of businesses persistently adjust to exploit innovative advancements.
Small organizations depend on technology to help them work every day. From smart phones Internet abilities to printers, online document stockpiling and Web-based applications, innovative advances affect small organizations crosswise over different commercial ventures.
Business strategy
IT creates new opportunities for innovation in products and services. Services which used to be delivered in person can now be delivered online. Among the key levers are:
• Re-sequencing: including parallel processing of data-bases
• Simultaneity: making information instantly available in several systems (e.g. via OLE)
• Time extension: offering 24 hour a

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