Business Strategy For True Fit

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Executive Summary

True Fit is a software –as- service (SAAS) provider that uses commercial retailer data as an input and outputs data insights on the SAAS platform - an online widget imbedded in the product details page of footwear and apparel retailers in order to give fit recommendations. The business strategy for True Fit is to deploy the SAAS widget using transactional sales and returns data from wholesale and retailer department stores curating the data into trend, fit and commercial insight reports that are used across varied commercial business functions from manufacturing, marketing and analysis with the end goal to improve supply chain functions within the clothing and manufacturing industry. True Fit is a start up company of 70 people with $80 million market evaluation. The purpose of this report is to analysis the role of Human Resource function in True Fit and to develop a basic human resource plan in order to recruit, train and retain high caliber talent from MIT and Harvard universities both which are in the Boston area where the company is based. Developing a human resource plan that is in line with the companies’ strategic goals will help the company gain a highly competitive advantage.
1. Gaining a Competitive Advantage
Investing in developing a human resource management plan is one way in which True Fit can gain a competitive advantage. It is important to make sure that employees that are in the business have the skills and understanding of the latest
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