Business Strategy Game Report Essay

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Business strategy game | Extreme Kicks | Year 12 Report | | | |
Brandon Morgado, Manufacturing
Khalid Mahmoud, Finance
Nick Stott, Marketing
Michelle Poirier, Human Resource Administrator: Judith BirzeDecember 1, 2011 |
Devin Noble, Accounting

Table of Contents
I Executive Summary
II Finance
Situation Analysis:
Past financial results globally
Past financial results by region
III Marketing Situation Analysis: Global sales and market share
Sales and market share by region Objectives
IV Private-Label Operations
Situation analysis
V Manufacturing (a) Plant Capacity and Production
Situation Analysis: Global By region
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To reduce costs and increase profit margins: * Continued investing in TQM quality control to reduce manufacturing costs of Extreme Kicks’ footwear. * Improving labourer training procedures, leading to increased productivity, lower reject rates. These improvements will also increase style and quality ratings, as consumers know associate this with the extra effort and attention to detail put into each pair of shoes * Investment in plant upgrades that provide the greatest benefit for each plant, which is most likely any of them except for plant upgrade: C. * Continued and increased use of private-label segments to clear out extra inventory before the year`s end.
Extreme Kicks’ year 12 sales revenues of
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