Business Strategy Of Coca-Cola

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Business strategy stands an important key to every company. It determines the success or failure of a company. Strategic planning defines as the direction target of the company and how the company achieves that. Company need to have research to come out with the best strategy to meet with its resources and scale of the company. Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company with 500 brands. Its business had been over 125 years and sells 1.6 billion beverages per day in more than 200 countries. In order to become the largest beverage company, Coca-Cola had come out many efficient business strategies to enhance their business and expand throughout worldwide. Vision and Mission Coca-Cola’s mission is to start with our mission, which…show more content…
The reason is because internet has becoming a need more than want for everyone in the world. Everyone will surf internet to find out the latest news and update themselves. Besides that, Coca-Cola also been working at new design and packaging of bottle can every year as they believe the packaging will affects consumer’s buying signal. Coca-Cola tends to move to the direction of convenience of carrying and dispose the cans or bottles as they believe this will conveniently attract consumers to buy their products and help Coca-Cola’s sales to increase. As the technology is continuously advancing, Coca-Cola had bring in many improvement machinery to help the production increase sharply compared to the last few years with the older version of machinery. Other than that, Coca-Cola also decided to wind down its manufacturing operations plant in Tuas and move their bottling plant operations to Malaysia but the firm has also confirmed that they are going to invest over US$100 million in Singapore over the next five years. The purpose of moving its plant is to readjust its strategy in Singapore to focus on high-value added services such as new technologies, research and innovation. (,
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