Business Strategy Of Dish Network Corporation

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Business Strategies Dish Network Corporation is an American organization that specializes in offering direct satellite service providers. The company has for a long time served many Americans through their interactive television services, satellite internet access, satellite television and audio programming among others. However much Dish Corporation is in business with a large number of subscribers, it is faced with a myriad of competition from rival firms that offer the same services. The firms that rival Dish Corporation include Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Cable Enterprise and Directv Group holdings. As of the year 2016, Dish Corporation has had more than 13 million subscribers who access their services. For a large organization such as Dish, concrete strategies are required to push rival firms out of business. This essay will center its focus on the key strategies that Dish has adopted over the years to remain in business and at the same time gain competitive advantage. The first key strategy that Dish Corporation has adopted in its quest to gain competitive advantage over its competitors is putting more emphasis on customer focus. Customer focus in the latter perspective represents boosting services such as customer care. In the recent years, the firm has been faced by dwindling financial situations that have almost threatened to knock it out of business. As a result, the firm has adopted the idea of adopting up to
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