Business Strategy Of E Business

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Over the last decade e-business has been gaining momentum as a form of globalized market allowing an individual to market or do business over the internet. One of the major company that has benefitted from this e-business is One of its affiliated entity is Launched in 2010, is an online retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. In a way it is similar to which has gained dominance over the North American and European markets. This company has emerged as a financial player in china . Their business strategy aims at providing a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide, many of them located in Russia, Brazil and the United States as well as offering quality products at factory prices in small quantity. Your order amount can be as low as 1 item and you can pay safely using Buyer Protection service. They provide deals from time to time. The products sold are at a discounted rate since they buy the products in bulk. Just like their parent firm their business strategy is aimed at maximizing their profit through online services. They also have a membership/loyalty program that favors existing and loyal customers. To better analyze its internal and external environment context a SWOT analysis on has been performed. The studies from the research have explained clearly its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.…
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