Business Strategy Of ITC Limited

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ITC Limited or ITC is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata. Its diversified business includes five segments: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging, Agri Business & Information Technology.
Established in 1910 as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited, the company was renamed as the Indian Tobacco Company Limited in 1970 and further to I.T.C. Limited in 1974.
This company is rated among the 'World's Best Big Companies' by Forbes magazine. ITC ranks third on all major profit parameters among India's private sector corporations. ITC employs over 20,000 people at more than 60 locations across India. ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalization of over US $ 13 billion and a turnover of US $ 3.5 billion.

ITC has a
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However, growing public concern with regard to the consumption of tobacco has led the government to ban all sorts of advertisements like the commercials, print media and pamphlets. This may act as a setback for the company. For the hospitality business, the society is now turning more towards an individual oriented culture which means that people spend only for themselves. The rise in the per capita income and the working population in the country is also a good sign for the company because the number of people willing to spend more on leisure increases with per capita income.

Technological factors:
ITC came a long way on the technological front. With state of the art factories and cheap labor supply from the second largest tobacco producing country in the world, India, the supply chain management of the ITC follows the latest trend. ITC also has the great inventory control and logistics support. They have also been adapting other quality concepts such as quality control, total quality management and 6-sigma concepts.

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