Business Strategy Of Nandos

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Section 1: Strategy and Sustainability: The Expression of Organizational Values and Vision Introduction For this Business Strategy Report, I have selected a restaurant chain named Nando’s. It was established in 1987 by two friends, Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin (Nando’, 2017). Although being a South African brand it has Portuguese influence and the restaurant chain depicts these designs. Nando’s specialty is flame-grilled chicken spiced with their unique selection of marinade sauces and spices ranging from mild to extra hot and for those individuals not into the hot stuff, there’s a lemon and herb option. It also has other selected food options to choose from in their attractive menu. Its niche market is working middle class male and female customers who enjoy spicy food and casual dining. It also caters for kids and families. Analysis of Nando’s For a business to be successful and have a competitive advantage, it is important to evaluate the company’s resources and capabilities (Pitt & Koufopoulos, 2012). Resources in a company are the productive assets owned (tangible or intangible) whereas capabilities are what the company can do with this (Grant, 2010). “Establishing competitive…show more content…
Nandos Vision is “to take the world’s best tasting chicken to the world” (cite here….) Authenticated by its current presence in 30 countries and about a 1000 outlets globally (Nando’, 2017). Supporting its mission and vision is its core values which are “passion, pride, integrity, courage and family” (Omarjee,
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