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Business Strategy Questions Question: 01 What else must a company have besides an advantage in order to succeed in the long term? a. Sustainability b. Solid management c. Open communication d. Loyal shareholders Question: 02 What is the simplest way to make sure that a plan is launched and completed by all parties involved? a. Threaten the project leaders with layoffs if they do not perform. b. Give excessive compensation to the leaders. c. Allow people to run the planning process whichever way they want regardless of its effectiveness. d. Create a simple project plan with specific deliverables. Question: 03 How does a firm prioritize which threats to…show more content…
Combinations of opportunities and threats from the SWOT analysis become priorities d. SWOT is not used in setting priorities Question: 13 Why is it important to reflect on past successes? a. The past can be copied and repeated. b. The company can apply the same strategy to past failures to turn them around. c. The company can see what it achieved and how. d. Past trends always indicate future performance. Question: 14 What significance does a "debt to equity ratio" have to a business owner in evaluating how the company has performed? a. It allows them to determine the profitability of the company b. It allows them to determine how leveraged the company is c. It allows them to determine how effectively cash was managed d. It allows them to compare profits against other industry leaders Question: 15 What is the correct order for creating a strategic plan? a. List current problems, create solutions for the problems, make financial analysis b. Articulate your mission statement, review your current position, agree on priorities, organize a plan c. Create a project map, have a company-wide meeting, finalize the plan d. Forecast the estimated cost to implement a plan, elect project managers, hold company meetings Question: 16 How should firms plan for
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