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Northeastern University College of Professional Studies Course MGT 4750 – Business Strategy (Intensive) Key Number 20571 Time and Place Winter 2011 January 10 to April 2, 2011 On Line Instructor Fred Kinch Office telephone: 978-263-5327 My background is posted under the Faculty Profile section on Blackboard. Lead Instructor The lead instructor for this course is Dr. Ray Kinnunen, who is responsible for the course content and design, consistency and high quality across all the sections. He will participate in the teaching of this course. Ray’s biography is attached. Required Textbook(s)/Software: 1. Text: Crafting & Executing Strategy Crafting & Executing…show more content…
5. Complete and submit all assignments and tests by the due date. Simulation Starting with Week 5, part of the work for the course is simulation-based. The simulation will provide you with experience applying the strategic concepts you learn throughout the course. The simulation is run by an external vendor, Glo-bus, and there is a small fee (less than $40.00) to participate. You will pay this by credit card to the vendor, and this is in addition to the text. For the simulation, you will work in teams. Discussion Board Participation criteria In this class, online contributions are an important component of the course. All case analyses and discussions will be conducted via Discussion Board (DB), so be sure to focus on these! Evaluation of your participation will be based on both the quality and consistency of your contribution and effort. First and foremost, the purpose of the DB is to discuss and/or dialogue with your classmates. Therefore, one posting of your perspective on an issue is not sufficient. Your ability to integrate text concepts, raise and answer questions, develop and raise ideas or insights, and build upon the ideas of others – and not simply on the frequency of speaking! – are all factors in your DB grade. So, generally, comments that are well-prepared, relevant, and insightful will be of greater value. Grading of the Discussion Board will be as follows: “A” range: I actively participate on a

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